Villa o habitaciones en alquiler en Monte Carlo, en la provincia de Lucca, Toscana

Montecarlo (en Inglés):

Distance from Lucca: 15 km

Altitude: 163 meters on the sea level

Population: 3655 people, which only 442 residents in town


San Giuseppe, San Piero in Campo, San Salvatore, Turchetto


Festa della Madonna del Soccorso (8th. September), Festa di S. Andrea (30th. November), Sagra dell´uva e del vino (September)

The history:

Many years ago the territory of Montecarlo did not exist, it was covered by the sea Tirreno, that formed a big gulf also with the plains of Lucca, Fucecchio, up to the mountain Albano. In Pliocene a movement of the earth brought land to the surface which is Cerbaie and Montecarlo that then brought the people to that area. We don´t have dates on the Etruschi that occupied other areas of Lucca, but undoubtedly Romans has established here.

In medieval time, on the hills of Vivinaia, in the beginning of 1300, there was a small town and a Castle that Castruccio Castracani after winning the battle in Altopascio against the Florentines, wanted to fortifie it because of its stragic position, between Lucca and Valdinievole. It was the fort of Cerruglio, first town lived in other than Vivinaia.

In 1328 the duke of Brunswick, with a group of 800 Germans, where leaving the camp of Pisa of the army of imperial Lodovico il Bavaro and reaching Lucca to occupy it and steal it. It was an act of stealing and robbery, not a work that an Emperor would do.

The German soldiers did not occupy the city, that resisted because of its important walls. Therefor the Germans attacked attacked the near towns, then going towards Valdinievole, they occupied the Castle of Cerruglio and Vivinaia, that become there center point. The occupation of the castle lasted a whole year, but the town became bigger and haven it become in (1333) the town of Montecarlo, that took its name in honors of Carlo di Boemia son of King Giovanni, that came to help the people of Lucca when they had to send out the Florentines.

So the town of Montecarlo became a big town for civil and military matters, and became allied with Vicaria Lucchese di Valleriana. Afterwords the Vicaria was transferred to Montecarlo (1441) and in this time that the town fell into the dominion of Florence and remained as so until 1847, the year that Lucca became part of Granducato of Toscana continuing until the united of Italy was formed.

Montecarlo today is known for not only its beauty of medieval times structure but also for being a wine area rich with good wines already known by the 1846 period Longobardo. There most famous wine with a soft taste and dry, delicate and gentile odor, to be served as an appetizer or seved with fish dishes and white meats. Even the Red Montecarlo (D.O.C. since 1985) is high quality, color red ruby, odor intense with a dry taste and velvet; served with red meats, or fowl meats, served at room temp.

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